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Welcome to ServiceWorks by Doug Hall & Associates!

Please Note:  Our business is not actively seeking new people to help and serve.  This website remains online to provide information.  Use it to design a plan to improve your Service along the same lines - but using different resources.  Start by visiting Ken Blanchard Companies website following this link:  
Thank you for visiting, and we wish you great success developing great service !  
We are dedicated to helping organizations grow and thrive through SERVICE.

ServiceWorks offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to organizational development and training. The program is designed to provide your team with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to keep customers or supporters returning to your organization for life! Far from a hit and miss approach, ServiceWorks offers it all - from values and mission clarification, through strategic planning and goal-setting, system and process design, to building able leadership and skilled and caring teams. Your associates will not only learn to do things right, but also to do the right thing!

We suggest you start with a comprehensive assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses, then ServiceWorks will custom tailor a plan of action designed to get the results you want!  Please contact ServiceWorks for an initial consultation soon!