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Our vision is to provide organizational development solutions for our clients by providing quality products and services.

We strive to provide the best people and systems, partnering with the best vendors, to create innovative solutions that anticipate evolving needs of our clients.

Our guiding Principles and Values are:

1. Create Enthusiasm:

Our clients know we really care about them because we consistently work to exceed their needs and expectations. We strive to create an enthusiastic response to our products and services to stimulate long-term relationships.

2. Develop Trust

Trust is essential in all relationships. We build trust from the inside-out by having integrity, strengthening our own character and competence, and seeking mutual benefit in all interactions with customers, internal or external.

3. Take Responsibility to Excel

We take responsibility for reaching beyond the best, overcoming obstacles, and continuously improving our ability to produce an enthusiastic response, high quality, personalized service, and exceptional value.

4. Respect Teamwork

We balance courage with consideration and work for synergistic solutions together with our clients.


Doug Hall, M.S., principal consultant of ServiceWorks by Doug Hall & Associates, has 25 years experience as a training manager, best practices development specialist, instructional designer, and a training facilitator for large, global organizations. With experience in all facets of organizational development and training, Doug now provides these services to organizations in the US and internationally. Having planned and led hundreds of interventions, workshops, and seminars for thousands of people (in five different countries on three continents), Doug is a proven change-agent who knows what it takes to get results.

Doug's education includes a BS in Business Administration, and a Master of Science degree in Management, specializing in Organizational Development. He also holds a certificate in Workplace Mediation and Intercultural Conflict Resolution, and certification licenses for all learning activities listed.

Doug has an international perspective and deeply values diversity. Having spent all of his formative school years in the Middle East and Europe, and having traveled heavily throughout the world on business during all of his adult life, Doug knows how important it is to be a positive transition figure, and to be open and accepting of all viewpoints. Doug is careful to select his work associates with the same set of values.


Douglas Hall, M.S.
Principal Consultant