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ServiceWorks Comprehensive Service Development Program is based on well-known human resource and organizational development principles.


We know that an effective strategy for change and development requires a long-term plan of activities that are comprehensive, sequential, and correctly integrated.

A comprehensive, sequential, and integrated plan of development is one that includes all the required steps conducted in the right order.

The development of organizations is like the development of the people that work in them. For example, think about how people develop the ability to move around effectively in the world. We don't run before learning how to crawl and walk. First, we must sequentially develop certain attributes, both physically and intellectually, before we can make progress. We also require the positive support of a parent or guardian to develop the confidence and competence to perform adequately. To sum it up, nature requires that all people first learn, become skillful, and then develop confidence in their performance. For development to be successful, these steps must be taken in sequential order - see (know), do (skill) and get (confidence).

Organizations are like people. Therefore, ServiceWorks follows nature's basic principle of the "Law of the Harvest" by offering a supportive, sequential, step-by-step approach to service development. Far from "scatter-shot" or "a-hit-and-miss" approach, ServiceWorks is both comprehensive and integrated, and ServiceWorks will be there to support your organization's development from beginning to end.

ServiceWorks starts with a diagnosis before making a prescription. Measuring the organization against a set of world-class service standards provides data to help diagnose a readiness development level. Examining other performance data, and analyzing data collected via survey and one-on-one interviews will provide more information. Depending on the detailed results of the needs assessment, a customized program of development will be proposed. Here's a description of one approach:

Conducting a cultural assessment provides data about predominate values and norms to ascertain readiness for change. Some assessments suggest that people need and want more information about what "effective" is, and what it requires in this business climate. ServiceWorks offers the "7 Habits" Effectiveness Training and the Service Overview for Key Leaders seminars as the next steps in the process.

After learning about effective people and operations, most organizations need to focus on their "important things" to reach effectiveness. Sometimes organizations don't have a clear understanding of what their important things are, and the focus isn't there. To address that problem, the program includes a values clarification step and assistance with the development of a mission statement to clarify the organization's important values, its purpose, objectives, and goals.

After measuring, knowing where you stand, acquiring the general knowledge about effectiveness, and identifying your organizations "important things" - knowing specifically what to do and how to do it will now be required. That's where ServiceWorks developmental training programs are important.

Effectiveness begins with leaders who positively influence their followers to complete the service mission. Followers are most influenced by, and feel most committed to, leaders who provide direction and support in amounts that match the employees' development level. ServiceWorks provides the specific skill training that leaders need to develop competence and commitment in their employees with Supervisory / Leadership Skills Seminars.

Specific knowledge of service "best practices" is a crucial element of development. ServiceWorks includes three separate programs to provide the necessary knowledge and skills.

The first program, Systematic Service Operations (Quality Service - Plus!) Seminar , develops participants' knowledge of the specific systems and processes required to keep customers for life.

Service Management's - Plan, Measure, and Support Seminar provides the crucial knowledge about supporting the best practice service systems with appropriate balanced scorecard measurement, accountability, and reward systems.

Finally, the Customer Service Skills Seminar provides skill building in effective communication strategies for customer satisfaction.

All learning events offered by ServiceWorks provide adequate time for the students to learn and practice what they have learned, so they fully internalize the material for use on the job.

After acquiring specific knowledge and skill in Service Management, participants always acquire a different and broader perspective of what needs to be done. They develop a more detailed, personal vision of service excellence. The time is ripe for service stakeholders to gather together in a group strategy meeting to share their perspectives and plan for a better future. ServiceWorks will help you plan such a retreat, and then facilitate the strategy sessions with state-of-the-art graphic and computer-aided tools.

To take planning to the next step, ServiceWorks includes a Performance Planning and Project Leadership Workshop. It's designed to show key leaders how to plan the specific action steps required, track progress using technologies that are currently available to them, how to do "day-to-day" coaching, and how to conduct effective performance evaluations. All these are steps required for sustained implementation.

Finally, ServiceWorks will help to reinforce the learning and the practice of progressive service development by returning 30-60 days later to provide reinforcement training where needed.

All of this is standard in the ServiceWorks comprehensive and integrated service development package. It's designed with your needs in mind. You need an effective program delivered at an affordable price. ServiceWorks covers all the bases, runs them in the right order, and delivers them at a price you'll find surprisingly affordable! Call ServiceWorks today for more detailed information!